The magnificent sound of bright and brassy Broadway is back at its best in Aurora’s spectacular Paramount Theatre production of Elf The Musical!

In the finest tradition of the biggest, jazziest, orchestras you’ve ever heard, I can promise you a thrilling musical experience that will create for you and yours an unforgettable holiday at the theater!


What makes me so sure? I’m sitting in the back row right now listening in during wandelprobe rehearsal with our outstanding musicians and cast putting together this absolutely breathtaking score for the very first time. Under the baton of maestro Tom Vendafreddo, this 16 piece orchestra is making the biggest Broadway sound I’ve heard here yet! With the brilliant sound design of Adam Rosenthal and operated by Phil Wooding, Vendafreddo’s music direction of the stunning voices of our leads and this dazzling ensemble artfully blends with our A-list instrumentalists in the pit! Together they are making the most joyful and new musical sound!

The show is big-hearted, hilarious and full of the magic Director/Choreographer Amber Mak brings to this story of Christmas spirit beloved by so many.

You simply won’t believe the thrills and chills Ms. Mak has imagined and created for you, all live, right before your eyes! The no holds barred surprises playfully and whimsically astonish only as live theatre can, my friends.


As well, you and I owe so much to our production and technical collaboration teams led by VP of Production Rose Quealy and Broadway Series Technical Director Jason Pikscher. Everyone mentioned here is working tirelessly with countless others of our Paramount family literally around the clock to bring you the highest caliber entertainment you’re likely to see anywhere this holiday season! This is big, folks, and I cannot wait to see you here as we open for previews tomorrow evening and Press Opening Night this Sunday! As I’m wrapping it up here, dear reader, Samantha Pauly (Jovie) is bringing down the house! Don’t miss it!

As you can see, everyone here at Paramount has so much to be grateful for and each of us is wishing you the warmest, happiest Thanksgiving ever!

Love & thanks,


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