Paramount’s Elf is wrapping up its rehearsal hall process and moving into the theatre this week! Last night’s “designer run” in the Copley had us in stitches, while it just didn’t seem to matter that there were no sets, lights and costumes. We could see very clearly and feel most definitely, all the spectacle and heart in store for you when the show opens for previews a week from tomorrow! To all of you excited to see what Director/Choreographer Amber Mak has done to make your holidays bright (and there are THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of you!), I’m here to tell ya, you will not be disappointed! Watching this top-notch cast create this sweet, hilarious tale right before our eyes is nothing short of pure magic.

You will go from giddy to laughing-out-loud hard! REALLY hard! All the songs and dances are filled with fantasy and fun, and don’t be surprised if you find a tear well up as our “Buddy the Elf” Kyle Adams steals your heart!


There are record-breaking crowds anticipating our production built right here in Aurora. This isn’t a tour or any other production of it you’ve seen anywhere else. It’s homemade right here at Paramount, just as every one of our Broadway Series shows are! Please be careful to purchase your tickets only at Paramount’s Theatre’s Box Office online at or (630) 896-6666. Don’t ever be fooled into paying more! Making our award-winning Broadway Series productions affordable to you is what we are all about. Check it out!

I gotta say while watching these rehearsals, there is a kind of “Christmas Miracle” going on. As the very first musical notes of the overture take flight overhead, everything suddenly feels new, fresh, innocent and well, sparkle jolly!


A very trying thing to achieve these days. As it is done so very successfully, it is also very needed. There is something within us we sometimes forget: love and laughter. There is a uniquely transforming experience in getting out to see a show, folks. You just may be a little different walking out onto Galena Boulevard than you were walking into Paramount’s beautifully festive Grand Gallery this holiday season. Maybe just a bit more joyful and better equipped for what may come your way. That’s how art works. That’s what defines a night (or an afternoon) in the theatre!

Love & thanks,


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Kyle Adams stars as Buddy the Elf