Greetings and welcome! Just a quick check-in with you today, dear reader, as we are in the midst of Paramount’s Million Dollar Quartet rehearsals. We began our 2nd week of rehearsal yesterday working through Act 1, and we pulled together getting the entire act on its feet by the end of the day! We begin Act 2 this morning and hope to knock it out by the weekend. I mean rock it out! This is a very different show, folks, and the skills of this cast are absolutely something like I’ve never experienced before. (And I’ve been around.) This actor-singer-musician combo is a triple threat treat I guarantee will rock your world. Forget your troubles and let this cast take you back to a time of beginnings, possibilities, youthful hopes and dreams and pure, powerful rock ‘n’ roll! ​

During our lunch break, we all stepped out onto the plaza of the North Island Center and shared a couple of pairs of solar eclipse shades among us. There was something about being together as our planet, sun and moon, aligned; something more was shared than the shades. It felt so right to be together, with purpose, working together with the cosmic timing of this natural phenomenon. We will always have this to remember.

Love & thanks,


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