Good Tuesday! The results of yesterday’s 7.17.17 Fundraising Campaign are being tallied as I write you, dear reader, and the returns are looking good! This morning, I went to, and there is a moving banner headline, our “Donor Ticker,” scrolling the names of those who gave so generously to support our Broadway Series and all the programs among those of our not-for-profit organization. I sat for a while awed by the names of so many patrons I recognized and have met and have yet to meet. There are the names of friends old and new, co-workers, technicians, designers, musicians and actors as well, and I filled up with gratitude and the power one can behold in a name; wonderful names of wonderful people. People who are making a difference by donating to the fiscal health of their theatre and consequently, their community.

Every year I’m amazed at the generosity of our Paramount Family. It’s remarkable when individuals, businesses, foundations and our community come together to make a difference. We are so grateful for the thousands of dollars raised yesterday during our campaign. Please know how much we appreciate EVERY SINGLE PENNY!

-Katie Arko, Vice President of Development & Sponsorship

The fundraising slogan: “Dream it. Build it. Believe it.” expresses the sentiments of so many supporters of Paramount and none more than our President and CEO Tim Rater. We met almost seven years ago, and on that afternoon, my imagination caught fire, and I became a part of Tim’s vision for this theatre and its role in the development of Downtown Aurora. I love it here and how we’ve grown to become the third largest subscription based theatre in the country. We’re winning awards, critical praise, and have begun a New Works Development segment, as well as a new performing arts center which is presently in process right next door to the theatre. Look at what dedicated audience support can do. Look at the power of those names! Thank you, ladies and gentlemen!

If you may have missed the campaign yesterday, you can still make a donation to our not-for-profit organization at

Love & thanks,


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