As the sun rises above Downtown Aurora, I’m writing you this Wednesday morning as this time yesterday had me on the road to Chicago for auditions for Cabaret without a single window of time to write you! Apologies! Each attempt to blog was thwarted as the actors in the packed Equity Office had my full attention. Singing mostly from the Kander and Ebb song book, they impressed Director/Choreographer Katie Spelman sitting to my right and Music Director Tom Vendafreddo next to her, Casting Director Trent Stork on my left and Company Manager Kaylee Oost next to him. That’s quite a full group in attendance on which several actors commented. For the Paramount team, it is simply how we do it while caring very much about each individual giving their time to be with us and doing their best. All of us empathize with the nerves, the preparation, the desire, and do all we can to make for an atmosphere of friendly support. It was a day loaded with talent and goodwill while Katie quipped, “Did Kander and Ebb ever write a bad song?” With brilliant Kory Danielson accompanying at the piano, we heard their hits and a few of their more obscure gems, dazzled all day long by the craftsmanship of the melodies and lyrics and the moods and truths they strike in each song. To realize this is a credit to all who auditioned!

Paramount’s Jesus Christ Superstar opened Saturday night to a rapturous crowd enthralled by the artistry of the cast, the design and Director/Choreographer Ron Kellum! It often feels like “church” to me to be in the theatre, but this audience got into it like a real down-home congregation as one after the other, each performance made believers of us all! There is something about the excitement and electricity in the air of Press Night for every Paramount show, but this night created a sensation of community and togetherness unparalleled! It was a gorgeous crowd of new and familiar faces which, after one show-stopping performance after another, was on its feet by the end of the night, clapping in time, cheering the cast, knocking me out with how music and theatre bring us all together! What a wonderful moment to be a part of; a moment to which we all belong!

Love & thanks,


Evan Tyrone Martin (in white) leads the cast as Jesus of Nazareth. Photo credit: Liz Lauren
Evan Tyrone Martin (in white) leads the cast as Jesus of Nazareth. Photo credit: Liz Lauren