Gray skies loom heavy this morning, but the air is fresh and the tree branches budding effuse the slightest scent of spring already! Just beneath the surface, the banks of The Fox are full of new life, the grasses starting to sprout on the meadow as Paramount Theatre stands tall on the riverwalk. Now, just think on the growth that has begun this season! Six years in and we reached a benchmark in attendance for Disney’s The Little Mermaid as a record 80,000 holiday theatre goers passed through our doors and into the spectacular fantasy world directed and choreographed by Amber Mak. As they did for “Mermaid,” rave reviews from critics and audiences for Sweeney Todd continue to pour in as Stephen Sondheim’s masterpiece fares so brilliantly in the hands of our cast and designers for our monumental production not to be missed! 

Audiences are flocking to shows they know and love and are as well acknowledging the adventure and thrills of seeing a show for the first time. We are building audiences! And we’re not alone! Chicago Theatre is blooming with great shows running and extending all over town. Rather than competing, I perceive audience development and simply more people going to the theatre. And they’re going more often and to more than just one or two! Is it possible The Arts are serving as an outlet from the rough times so many of us are having with what is going on daily on so many levels? Certainly, it always has and does! Whether confronting the issues head on or as a refreshing, entertaining divertissement, the performing arts since ancient times have brought a lift, a new perspective, elevating us to our higher selves. Your team here at Paramount welcomes you and thanks you for your participation including us and the work we are doing for your personal enrichment. 

And wait until you hear the voices singing in Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber’s rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar! Next on the bill, the grand finale of this season is presented for you in a powerful new production directed and choreographed by Ron Kellum. And I dare to say it speaks to the state of the art as intriguingly it does to the state of the union! A contemporary thrill ride of a production with a cast as beautiful as the vision of its director! 

See you there!

My love & thanks,