Good morning, dear reader! There’s so much to say but so little time to say it! This is a quick check-in with you, short and sweet, as to the remarkable development this company is experiencing in rehearsals for Sweeney Todd. The work load in itself is overwhelming. The complexity of music and character in this play is being met with intelligence, ferocity and wit on the part of these actors. We are being led into two psychopaths’ realm of glory. And more importantly, the actors are leading us with great humanity and love for their characters’ vulnerabilities. While nothing can justify the monstrosity that is vengeance, can we experience the souls lost in the telling of this tale? As it may be, we are laughing an awful lot as well! Laughs with gasps, all so intense and extreme! But at the heart of it is to be revealed to us, I think, the exploration of what it might be that turns those among us into monsters. And all of it sung thrillingly to what some consider the finest work of our greatest living American musical theatre composer and lyricist, Mr. Stephen Sondheim!

Love and thanks,