While the Paramount Box Office is booming like crazy for The Little Mermaid, I’m in my office across the street with the Sweeney Todd casting announcement for you, ladies and gentlemen!

Here’s the scoop:

Out of a cast of 25, 19 actors are making their Paramount debut!

Our distinguished Ensemble consists of singing actors with a vocal prowess unmatched anywhere: Julie Bayer, Harter Clingman, Nathan Maurice Cooper, Evan C. Dolan, Thomas Forde, Emily Glick, Emily Goldberg, Alana Grossman, Teressa LaGamba, Harriet Nzinga Plumpp, Matthew Thomas Provencal, Rob Riddle, Dan Riley, Will Skrip, Jason Slattery and Abby Murray Vachon.

Seen in Paramount’s Tommy, Matt Deitchman returns to play “Aldolfo Pirelli,” the faux-Italian barber. Craig W. Underwood debuts as “Beadle Bramford,” gentlemen displaying magnificent tenor and counter tenor skills respectively. Emily Rohm, Paramount’s own “Mary Poppins,” is back from starring in Off-Broadway’s Ride the Cyclone to play “Lucy Barker” aka “The Beggar Woman.”

Broadway veteran and fellow Loyola U. of Chicago grad, John Herrera is “Judge Turpin,” while fresh from the national tour of “Newsies” young  Anthony Norman is “Tobias Ragg.” The tale’s young lovers are beautiful Ceclia Iole as “Johanna Barker” and handsome Patrick Rooney as “Anthony Hope.”

Which brings us to our leading players: “Benjamin Barker” our “Sweeney Todd” himself is newcomer Paul-Jordan Jansen making his Chicago area debut, singing with a Bass-Baritone at once powerful and elegant. After creating quite the sensation starring in The Goodman’s Wonderful Town this fall, Bri Sudia brings her rich contralto to the role of our “Mrs. Lovett.”

Alright! Gotta run! Gosh, there is so much excitement going on!

Love & thanks,