The first day of November is bright and shining warm sunny rays through the place as my black cat Shorty (spirit animal to Zoolander, I swear) basks and sunbathes photogenically on the floor by the balcony door. I’m still walking on air from Mamma Mia!‘s closing and the Cubs winning Game Five of the World Series Sunday night! Yes, follow me, dear reader…after the standing “O” and dancing in the aisles, the party crowd moves to the lobby. Crutches under one arm while the other holds onto a beer, my sentimental heaves and sighs on the blazing finish of the run give into the realization of an acceleration of ions electrifying the air. The gorgeous hall, beautiful people, open bar, “all you can eat pizza,” and the Cubs WIN! The untoppable exhilaration of closing is profoundly topped by being with this cast so full of love as Cub fans yelling and screaming our heads off together at the top of our lungs! This brings the gamut of emotions shared by a company to a new high and will never be forgotten; there’ll never be anything like it. Of course, I may be making more of it than perhaps it may have been, but I see so many riches in it.

The final performances of this cast rewarded me, and my greatest desire is for them to see it in themselves. I have never been so struck by actors’ growth individually and as an ensemble as I have in this company. They are leaving different than they were when we started. Challenged by a caring and attentive to detail team, they complete more precise and more passionate about the work they do. Most importantly, they understand how valued they are as gifted, individual humans, to “let go” and be themselves and tell the truth. I look at them all spruced up at the party, in love with each other and so proud of their achievement on how we accomplished what we set out to do. I hope they realize how beautiful they are on the inside. How much their hard work makes them better. How their camaraderie, community, openness and aliveness onstage with each other moved and captured our audience. We really reached a lot of people with this one. Unifying a theatre full of people with differences unknown and where none need to be known. 

All together now: “Take me out to the ballgame!” TONIGHT! GO CUBS! WIN!

Love & thanks,