Monday night, sitting in the dark at the back of the theatre watching tech rehearsal for a wonder of a production, ladies and gentlemen, Disney’s The Little Mermaid! This team of creatives, working together with Amber Mak at the helm, is outdoing itself for what could well be a history-making Paramount presentation setting a new record as our biggest, most successful show yet! And it’s not just about size and numbers. There is something so very, especially spectacular happening here as each element knits seamlessly together in this deeply felt, carefully detailed work. Work that is clearly bringing out the best in everyone! The beauty of the scenic, costume, lighting and projection design is matched by the fun everyone is having putting it together! In a staging highly imaginative and whimsical, the singing is world class, an endless chain of gorgeous vocals, from principals and the ensemble, without a weak link in the bunch! A certain stature is brought to this beloved score made surprisingly sophisticated and elegant under the baton of Musical Director Tom Vendafreddo and Ms. Mak’s inventive direction and choreography. It all feels fresh and original, a cohesive product representing this particular collaboration of artists doing what they love to do.

Pretty shameless, claiming bragging rights like this, I know! But it is with a true acknowledgement of everyone’s remarkable skills and even greater gratitude for the serendipity of all these dazzling talents being brought together just in time for Paramount’s holiday gift to you! Thursday is Thanksgiving Day! With so much to be grateful for let’s reflect on what is most important. All the riches we find in talent and beauty would not be worth much if it weren’t for the goodness found in every individual working here. Good people is what it’s about. None of this means anything without the good people we are blessed with on the job and in our audience. This is what we are most grateful for: that there is kindness, respect and generosity of spirit boundless and abundant! Through our work, we share our love and good will with you, wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for all you do for us, dear reader, and see you at the theatre!

Love & thanks,


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