Feeling so good about being home in Aurora. Serving this town has given opportunity never before imagined possible. Doing some of the best work with some of the best people ever. And with an audience consistently embracing this excellence as an agent for change in our community for cultural and economic growth.

This infected hip implant kicked my butt good, laid up in the hospital, thinking on life and the assist from friends and family. The flowers, messages and texts, each of them, make for a moment like a gift to heal and lighten up a heavy time. The neighbor, the co-worker, the colleague, the cousin, doctors, nurses, patient care techs and physical therapists, making moments of light and healing for which there will always be my never ending gratitude.

And then Jay Kelly shoots me an email with a Glancer Magazine interview from last month, and it hits me how folks are paying attention to the influence of the arts in their lives. Art. The great equalizer. The weapon of the peacemaker. The potential of dreamers realized. Hope bringing us closer to Truth and, dare I say, God within us. READ FULL ARTICLE

Love and thanks,