Here I am on the fly, tech gods laughing at me, (a computer password mess), writing with my thumbs on my phone plugged into the wall, charging. But hey, with the tragedies in our collective consciousness these sad, sorry days, let’s get our priorities straight. There is great empathetic outreach to those surviving the tragic loss of life in the Orlando massacre. Have you seen the names and faces of these beautiful, excellent fellow humans snuffed out from their families, their friends and their futures? And since my work preparing West Side Story, I keep an eye on Chicago Trib bulletins: 3 fatally shot 23 wounded, 3 dead 17 wounded, 5 dead 18 wounded, just over the last few days. There is no way to make any common sense of what is happening in our country with our lawmakers and guns. It does feel inappropriate to get political here, but our work in the theatre is as ever reflective of the times we live in. Forgive me.

There is something more personal about this devastating event as it happened in a gay nightclub, and I am a gay man. But others, straight friends and coworkers, have been hit particularly hard with this one it seems as well. Just when it seems we have become numb to all the killing, the backlash of sympathy and outrage this time is palpable, tearful, depressing and yet is renewing a determination with a vigor and strength that has a feeling of not quitting until there is change this time. All by the grace of God. Enough.

At the Tonys Sunday evening, Lin-Manuel Miranda and James Corden so eloquently spoke to the nobility in us and our pursuit of excellence in the arts, and of love. As capable as we are of atrocity, we are capable of achieving great beauty and community and collaboration. As they sing out in Hamilton: “Look around, look around!” Do it. See the goodness around you, and know that it comes from within you. United, we are this good. We will get this done.

Love & thanks,