Yesterday was a full day of auditions seeing actors for all four of Paramount’s Broadway Series productions for next season: Mamma Mia!, The Little Mermaid, Sweeney Todd and Jesus Christ Superstar. All four in one day! With my job, I have a wild mix of music looping in my head all day everyday as it is. Now imagine a cavalcade of live performances like this! Fantastic! How I get to be the lucky guy behind the table with his team attending the remarkable Chicago actors entering the room is something that I am perpetually grateful for experiencing. From multi-Jeff Award winning, established pros to what I love to regard as The New Faces of 2016 and a healthy balance of every type in between, the talent is thrilling and the privilege enjoyed in seeing everyone never gets old. It is an honor. Appreciative to each of them for the preparation and practice and sacrifices made to be there. Thank you to the actors!

I have to keep it short and sweet today, but just let me tell ya, the casting is looking extraordinarily good, and if you know the work onstage from former seasons, this is really saying something! If there are Casting Gods above, they are smiling down upon all of us! Great performances are in store for you!

Love & thanks,