For the first time since beginning these entries three years ago, I missed you last Tuesday, dear reader. Life has a way of slowing a guy down, ready or not, like it or not. I was in a rush of auditions, production and design meetings and not only the close of Paramount’s acclaimed West Side Story, but also the close of Season Five of our Broadway Subscription Series.

There was this onslaught of regret to have never thanked everyone appropriately enough; that I’ll get around to it somehow while I’m running around, and then POW! you’re stopped dead in your tracks. The body is a vehicle. It needs new parts from time to time. The red maintenance light is blinking!

I like the very mindful concept I’ve read about and ascribe to that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Our bodies are the vessels of our souls. We better take good care of this carcass if we hope to fulfill our mission here; our purpose in life, our soul’s work. Immobility has its merits. Stillness. Quiet. Paying attention to your teacher within. Are you listening?

Grateful to be grateful!

Love & thanks,


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