Just when it looks like things are getting set, as offers are going out to cast Paramount’s Mamma Mia!, we are sadly, disappointingly getting conflicts in return! The woes of casting! At times, it seems like a crap-shoot! But don’t be alarmed, dear reader. What we have in place is perfectly stellar! In dealing with those few declining, the positive thing to do is to look at the greatness we’ve got! It happens more often than not, so why isn’t it expected for every show? Because the team and myself are so excited at the prospect of who has won the role, we forget! We forget that there is this whole other consideration: can or will the actor accept! I’ve written here about this before. How I fall in love time-after-time with actors, envision them, build a show around them and in virtually every show, we’ve had actors have to decline or even rescind on an agreement. And why? Better, more high profile offers from elsewhere we simply cannot compete with for one. More lucrative, longer runs, more money to be earned for another. I mean, come on. If you had to choose between a 12-week contract here at the Paramount and a 6-month or a year contract somewhere else, which would you choose? Well, I know which YOU would choose, but you see what I mean!

There is this school of thought, this very strong faith that I have, this “church” I go to that has taught me to believe. Believe that the one you wanted isn’t the one. Someone else is also right for this part but meant to play it right here right now, and this will manifest! It simply takes more time and harder work to get it right. No one likes to deal with the “unknown.” But what I am loving is knowing the role is going to someone to whom we haven’t decided upon yet and is going to be surrounded by a thrillingly talented cast of fellow actors. Show after show, actors relate how their experience is elevated by the cast they are working with, how it has raised their game. I proudly listen to this and yet think to myself, “if you only knew the crazy process that brought all of you together!” It all gets down to cherishing what you have. Treasure it, and never begrudge anyone the disappointment of their going where they are meant to be. It is the best thing for the actor. This is always our priority. Then, the missing piece of the puzzle, that artist, will arrive and faith in things happening for the best will prove itself again. I marvel with gratitude how clear it is once we begin rehearsals, that we finally have the group that is meant to be here. After all the comings and goings. That everyone here is right where they belong. Right where they’re supposed to be. And you, our audience, gets to be dazzled at the result, right up there on the Paramount stage!

Love & thanks,