Good morning! I’m really getting a handle on this commute to downtown Chicago’s Equity Office! Piece of cake! 

Short and sweet: we had an extraordinary day yesterday here with Paramount’s Jesus Christ Superstar Equity Principal Auditions, and it’s looking like there will be no letdown today with the Chorus Dance Call. The rock opera genre of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s score brought out the finest in each individual yesterday. Hearing those I know and have worked with, singing like I’ve never heard them before, and the ever expanding influx of new faces all month brings about a gratifying pride for all of them turning out for this African American casting. Powerful vocals rang out of the room through the building and I’ve no doubt down Randolph Street!

The hypnotic pulse of “Overture” underscores the driving dynamics of the dance and movement supplied by Amber Mak while Director/Choreographer Ron Kellum is away. The room is a hot box. The men dance up a storm. Applause fills the room, and the men are asked to wait in the lobby and asked to re-enter one at a time to sing. Each one’s voice rises. Time stands still. Hearts open. Some of the best, most moving performances ever in these five seasons of the Broadway Series. The promise of next season!

A quick shout out to Mayor Tom Weisner who at Friday’s State of the City Address asked the crowd to acknowledge the progress of Paramount’s contribution to Downtown Aurora’s recent, stunning development by giving Tim Rater and myself a standing ovation, folks! Blew our minds! Dumbfounded myself, I can tell you that! So incredible to be mentioned as a part of all the tremendous, great news Mayor Weisner had to report to this group of our beloved city’s notables and dignitaries; the promise of Aurora’s future. Aurora Beacon News Article

West Side Story finishes its distinguished run this weekend on Sunday the 24th. I saw the show Sunday, and I’ll be damned; it still gets under my skin disturbing, emotional and yet exalting in its beauty and theatricality. Most proud. This company is excellent.

So much for “short and sweet.” But it is sweet. 

Love & thanks,


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