DESIGNER RUN! This afternoon we will experience our final run-through rehearsal of West Side Story for the last day in our rehearsal space, the Copley Theatre. Our design, tech, production team will take a seat and attend the work, preparing notes for the production meeting afterwards. Costume, lighting, projections, wigs, props, scenic, sound and stage crews assess the realities of putting all these elements together and discuss and question what lies ahead awaiting us tomorrow as we begin staging the show on the set.

Moving into the theater and onto the stage transforms and expands the show beyond expectations and suddenly everything is new about it! Things adapt, adjust or can completely change! From the confines of the Copley to the grand operatic scale of the Paramount, it’s a whole new ball game! Will we tame the beast? Or even better, should we? Let’s let it run wild and free in its natural environment!

Keep a good thought for us!

Love and thanks,