Dear reader,

I’m sitting in the theater, and wandelprobe has just begun. Wandelprobe rehearsal takes place just before the first public performance (tomorrow’s matinee!). Whereas a “sitzprobe” is a rehearsal where the cast sits and sings with the orchestra. “Wandelprobe” is where the cast is on their feet walking through the staging, even marking dance steps, while they sing with the orchestra.

Yesterday, the orchestra rehearsed all day, and again, I experienced the distinct privilege we have performing full, original orchestrations and particularly these smokin’ Broadway charts. Under the baton of maestro Tom Vendafreddo, you will relive the greatest grooves of the 60s played by an A-list orchestra of players incredible to behold. At once, you are transported to a golden age of pop music while very present and livin’ it live at Paramount’s Hairspray!

I live in gratitude, ladies and gentlemen, that you have given such generous, enthusiastic audience support to our Broadway Series and the full scale, fully orchestrated productions you have come to enjoy in Downtown Aurora. “Out of this world” takes on a whole new meaning here, folks, as our top-notch singing, dancing actors take the stage scenically-designed by Linda Buchanan with lighting by Greg Hofmann, wired for sound by Adam Rosenthal with Theresa Ham’s costumes, and how director/choreographer Amber Mak has, with this production team, created a whole new hi-fidelity world never seen before for this tale of Tracy Turnblad and her dream for love, acceptance and an integrated teenage television dance show in 1960’s Baltimore! This rehearsal has me jumping out of my skin excited! The voices! The orchestra!

The company’s only dress rehearsal is tonight! Watching them, listening to them right now singing their hearts out! Out of this world!

Love & thanks,


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