The sun is rising right across from my digs on the Fox, huge, golden, shining energy ball blinding me if not for looking down at the keyboard! In my mind, everything seems to glow as I think of this past weekend. A Christmas Story ​played its final performance, and I sat there proud as can be watching the work glisten like magic one more time. Kudos to Director Nick Bowling and Choreographer Rhett Guter for doing such sterling work with this solid gold cast. With Music Director/Conductor Tom Vendafreddo, this team generated so much heart (Jeff Kmiec’s scenic design, Jesse Klug’s lighting) and fun (Mike Accardo’s “Major Award,” Costume Designer Sally Dolembo’s Dancing Leg Lamps &​ ELVES!) and good old fashioned Broadway style razzmatazz (Adam Rosenthal’s sound design with an orchestra that simply “killed it”). While singing like angels the kids in the show dazzled and razzled a tap dancing heaven (Michael Harp’s “Ralphie meltdown solos” unforgettable). Speaking of angels, Danni Smith’s vocals as the mother redefines for me the term “clarion voiced beauty.” And I’ll be damned if Philip Earl Johnson’s narration didn’t yet again get me all misty-eyed by the end of the story.

We had the loveliest of after-parties with our cast, crew and musicians in the Grand Gallery Lobby gathered like family around the gorgeous Paramount Tree, having pizza and beer, taking pictures and congratulating and hugging good byes. My chest heaves a sigh remembering leaving through the lobby doors onto Galena Boulevard, the City of Aurora’s Tree lit up tall as a light snow flurries on a gentle whisper of wintry wind. This holiday time is a season of love I just wish I could remember to keep with me all year long…

Love & thanks,


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