Paramount’s Broadway Series’ Season 2015-16 transition hails a season of transformation! This tremendous year of growth and benchmark events has given Old Father Time and Baby New Year reason to dance a celebratory jig honoring the great achievement that is your support and attendance since we’ve begun! Here we are, dear reader, bringing in a new year right smack dab in the middle of Season Five as A Christmas Story must close this Sunday, January 3, as Hairspray rehearsals have just begun! A year ends and another begins, and so it goes with the ending of a show and the beginning of the next. 2015 is going out with a bang bringing renewal and resurgence to Downtown Aurora with our new subscription base tipping 30,000 arts patrons! All this while in our first year of eligibility, Season Four was honored with 16 Joseph Jefferson Award nominations bringing home five trophies for The Who’s Tommy and Les Misérables. ​​May Commerce and Art share continued promise dancing together on common ground in 2016!

All of us have discovered so much about ourselves this year, ladies and gentlemen. We have great potential, potency, together. Possibilities are endless. Self discovery creates renewal ever changing, working harder to do more, do better. There are many exciting announcements ahead. Stay tuned, in every sense of the word. Stay with us. Discovering new music or a new story, we discover more about ourselves. We’re more alive, alert, brighter, enriched and at our best. Something very important during these almost Dickensian “best of times, worst of times” with which many are personally and socially struggling. 

Your artistic director salutes you with the countless magnificent individuals of our casts and crews, production teams and office staff for the fantastic 2015 you have given us of learning together what it is we can do together! Continue to take pride in it. Ever grateful to you for it, I wish you a Happy 2016!

Love & thanks,


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