Ladies and Gentlemen, good morning! Great morning! Wonderful news announced Friday afternoon! Paramount Theatre’s Broadway Series has now tipped 30,000 subscribers! I’d like to share with you excerpts from the email Jim Jarvis, our Vice President Marketing/Sales, sent to us:


We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve officially hit 30,000 subscribers today.

Congratulations to everyone on this huge event. This is a result of everyone in our organization from the person who dreamed up the idea to produce our own Broadway Series, to the person he asked to be his partner in this venture as the AD, to everyone who has sold a ticket, worked in front of the curtain or behind the curtain of these shows, to those that market it, supply customer service for it, do PR for it, raise money for it, the City that supports it, those that house manage it, take tickets for it, design cool images of it, provide beverages to patrons for it, do production for it, sponsor it, take photos & video of it, meet you at your car with a smiling face when you pull up to attend it, and our Subscribers. In other words, Paramount Nation!

And for the record, we’re now well over 30,000 subscribers.”

I couldn’t say it better myself. There is an army of us working together with so much energy dedicated to the good of all of us enjoying the benefits of live theatre. There is an indescribable phenomenon at work here realized on the Paramount stage. Over the weekend, I slipped in just in time to catch one of my favorite numbers in A Christmas Story. ​​Not a seat to be found at the back of the theatre, I stood while a packed house sat in the dark enthralled as the pit musicians’ blasts of Broadway brass accompanied a dozen technically dazzling kids tap dancing like a pack of pros with Erica Mak’s transformed smokin’ hot school teacher “Miss Shields.” All this as young Michael Harp’s “Ralphie” goes into this kind of primal scream, his own age of anxiety, Savion Glover”esque” tapping routine of machine gun-like rounds scorching the floor boards and stops the show! The crowd goes crazy! Like, we’re at a ball game crazy! The kid hits it outta da park! Merry Christmas!

And let me tell you, the show is just as heartwarming as it is thrilling. Dear reader, I could not be more proud or feel more blessed with the gift your support has given us these four and a half years. We will continue to be here for you. It’s my hope our doors will open to more and more of those who will take our productions home into their lives with their families. And those of you who haven’t been here yet, what are you waiting for? 30,000 subscribers strong can’t be wrong!

Hoping preparing for the holidays is going well for you, I send you…

Love & thanks,


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