Good morning, everyone! A damp chill drizzles down on us here in Aurora, I hope this finds you well and warm. As our progress rallies on the job, it’s hard to recover from the fear and sadness for the Friday the 13th terrorist attacks on Paris and the attention brought to those suffering as well in Beirut. But we will somehow recover. Appreciating the goodness in our lives, our loves, our family, holding each other close. Coming into work today with so much gratitude for the work before us, realizing the potential healing of what it is we do in the theatre; how it dissolves division and lifts the heavy heart. The fact is we will recover. “Now run and tell that!“ as we get the day going with auditions for Hairspray. The words “you can’t stop the beat” take on a renewed significance “cause you can’t stop the motion of the ocean or the sun in the sky. You can wonder if you wanna but I never ask why. And if you try to hold me down I’m gonna spit in your eye and say that you can’t stop the beat!” We go on. With hope. Empathy. Compassion. Community. And by noon, after attending some kick-ass singing and dancing, things are looking up, opening up, suddenly anything is possible!

Sunday morning was really rough after Friday’s evening news, but again, dear reader, while watching a run-through rehearsal of A Christmas Story, I’m laughing, dazzled and moved so happy for this Parker Family; how the Mom and Dad and their two boys are so lucky. They are loved. They are close. Ya know those odd kind of tears that seem to come out of nowhere welling up and running down your cheeks…almost startling you and surprising you how your chest heaves and heart pounds and somehow you’re feeling more alive?

All is a day’s work around here.

Love & thanks


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