Eyes squint this morning to see the cat poised on the sill of the screened open window, the room full of cool, gentle air, Shorty’s gold-green eyes contemplate the sun rising over the rooftops onto a clear, powder blue sky. A meditative mood. 

Huge turn out for Daryl Hall and John Oates Friday evening, and you couldn’t have asked for a more perfect summer’s night. RiverEdge Park is a stunningly beautiful outdoor amphitheater on the banks of The Fox and the “rock and soul” duo, the most successful in the industry, performed their set of nostalgic hits with a classy, progressive feel. Rather than reliving their past “glory days,” the singing-songwriting guitar-playing idols (Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2014) came off more like masters of their musicianship with an eye (and ear) on the future without disappointing the sentimental demands of their fans packed in the park. With a modest, gracious, understated presence, they handsomely delivered an impressive, high-spirited and really beautiful show. For Hall & Oates, these are their glory days! The crowd went crazy!

The casting for Paramount’s Broadway Series production of A Christmas Story is complete! (We were whoopin’ it up in the office yesterday!) Ladies and gentlemen, I could not be happier to give you the scoop on the names of this exceptional cast! But you’re gonna have to wait until next week for the official announcement! I’m so stoked and grateful to Kaylee Oost (Company Manager) and Trent Stork (Assistant Director) for the great support they have given Director Nick Bowling and Choreographer Rhett Guter in assembling this extraordinary company of musical theatre talent. Nick and Rhett are devising with their production team a holiday treat you will never forget, I promise you: a star (or two or three) is born!

Hairspray is still in the audition process, but we’re almost there! And the same can be said for West Side Story which begins design talks next week with Kevin Depinet and Jesse Klug, the scenic and lighting design team for Paramount’s Les Miserables last season. In 15 days (who’s counting!), we begin principal rehearsals with the star studded cast of Oklahoma! ​but more on that later!

Gotta mention: Earth, Wind & Fire, Saturday, August 22! RiverEdge Park! Do not miss!

Love & thanks,