A hazy summer morning this Tuesday, the peace stirred by a red tipped black bird chirping perched outside the screen door, my eyes light up, a sip of coffee kicks in, thinking on what a weekend! So much to celebrate, so much to think about…one man’s victory, another man’s defeat…equal rights, human rights, religious rights, states’ rights…history is being made! Waves of optimism countered by opposition. What a country! Fights have been fought, wounds will be healed. Victory and defeat, side by side. Change is good, never say never and eventually we are all winning, in good time, that is my hope. Unity. The Main Event. 

Sounds and images of jubilant parades and violent protests on tv, online, on social media, such a roar…so much so deeply felt. Joy for me is a quiet thing, I surprise myself, to realize during this time taking stock in what has brought all this about. How I experience a microcosm of sorts of how working together for the benefit of everyone on the job has been making a difference in the progress we are making. I remember being taught as a child to always be a good example. Taking notice of my ego issues, the temperament issues, I hardly can say I’ve been good at it. Being a “passionate artist” is no excuse! To be aware of how others feel and think and to be considerate of what they have to offer is what I believe makes the difference. You really can’t change a person’s mind or beliefs by aggression, domination, submission. Being a good example, what if we all tried that? Being true to oneself. And with that, always trying to be better. Open to change. 

So what’s all this got to do with our work in the theatre and your look behind the scenes via yours truly? Everything. The challenges on the job are being met swiftly, respectfully and generously. I’m so excited to say the production design by Scott Davis for Oklahoma! is ravishing and is being built in our scene shop up Hill Street as we speak! Theresa Ham’s beautiful costumes have begun being built, Greg Hofmann’s lighting concepts are forming brilliantly and casting is still in the throes of completion! Casting and design for the following three shows, A Christmas Story, Hairspray and West Side Story​ are making tremendous progress as well. Ladies and gents, the talent we have lined up will hold you spellbound! I keep hearing myself answering the question, “How’s it going?” with the answer: “What we have is so great! It’s those question marks that need to become answers, dealing with the unknown, that’s the problem!” The fact that the team doesn’t just settle to get it done and hack it out is the promise to you that we are working together to give our audience the best production we can possibly offer to you. With all our talents united, Season Five is guaranteed to dazzle and razzle, and lift you up, differences aside, side by side sitting in the dark, all together, all sharing an experience in the theater you will always remember. Unity.