Good morning! Hawks win! And ladies and gentlemen, Paramount’s 6/15/15 Fundraiser tops it’s goal! Over $83,000! You did it! It’s a win for you and everyone who has now become a part of Broadway Series Five and the thousands of kids who will attend next season for free! How generous you are! How grateful everyone here is for you! What a phenomenon! I thought my heart was gonna burst to see names of actors, designers, technicians and our peerless staff who dug into their own pockets to keep us going. And loyal friends, old and new, patrons from our audience, so many folks I’ve yet to meet; I hope I can greet you at the theater this fall and thank you personally. And extra special thanks to The Dunham Fund for matching these donations 2 to 1! I cannot imagine anything proving to be too difficult to maneuver during production this season knowing that we have this solid spirit of dedicated support from so many who have contributed to sustaining the success of The Broadway Series! I could not be more proud or thankful if we had just won our own Stanley Cup! 

My love and forever thanks!