Out my window, beautiful Downtown Aurora has vanished across The Fox under a very heavy shroud of fog this morning! But we have very clearly a big day before us sharpening a few scenes and transitions before our Designer Run-through of Paramount’s LES MISERABLES this afternoon. We move onto our set tomorrow, which has been installed around the clock since Sunday night. Short and sweet today, nothing to report but more praise for the progress we have made in the rehearsal hall. What is unbelievable is that we have had two run-throughs already, and this afternoon’s will crown the work this company has achieved: grabbing the challenges and struggles of this piece by the horns and making it their own. Everyone so visibly moved and shaken to cheering for each other is making the rehearsal process we are having unforgettable. The sound of their voices raised together is magnificent, and the silences deafening. That stillness when time stops. Breathless. Heart-stopping. But on stage it will be a whole new ballgame! The enormous set, I believe our most impressive yet, will challenge us throughout the technical process of sound and lighting, costumes and wigs, properties and set pieces, and a full pit of musicians, stopping and starting, all coordinating into a finished piece of work by Wednesday, a week from tomorrow, our first preview on March 18th! We have a wonderful story filled to the brim with remarkable performances and this beloved score played powerfully and majestically by our Paramount Orchestra. I cannot wait to share our work with you! Dear reader, I cannot wait for you to see it!

Love & thanks,