Alright, my friends! It’s been a tense race with the clock, but TOMMY is staged, and the show is on its feet and ready to run! Yesterday’s band rehearsal rocked the house, and last night’s tech rehearsal brought us home right through the curtain call! This morning marks the first time the cast will sing through the show with our Paramount Rock Band, and I cannot wait for maestro Tom Vendafreddo to put it all together. This is our Broadway Series’ 15th production in its four years of existence, and this consistently proves to be for every show an occasion for tears and chills. What it is that makes live music and instruments and voices, musicians and singers together, elicit such a profound and moving stirring of emotion in us can only be explained by something in our DNA, I suppose. There has got to be something in our human being encoded to respond to the the strains of harmony and melody that brings out the best in who we are and makes us feel just so darn good! The process has it’s stressful moments, but again, as time and time before, these are the challenges that show what one is made of – when you come to appreciate the talent, creativity and problem solving skill of those with whom you are blessed to be working.

Paramount has become for me a place where bold ideas are materialized. Where you will hear “yes” more likely than “no.” We are all in the thrall of a very special piece of work, that is a piece of our heart. We are looking up at the stage and marvel at what we are about to achieve. Something we are so proud for audiences to see and experience. But we are not done yet. After today’s “sitzprobe” with our musicians, we will have our first and final dress rehearsal and a couple more hours of tech before tomorrow’s first public performance at the 1:30 p.m. preview matinee. I cannot believe I just typed those words! And you would not believe the work we have ahead before Press Opening Night on Saturday the 17th. After 5 hours of rehearsal on Thursday, that evening’s show will be that much different from tomorrow’s two shows. And after 3 hours of rehearsal on Friday, that night’s show will refine as well. This is a crucial week in the show’s development, and I take confidence in those doing what they do so well and loving it! You will love it too, dear reader! An “Amazing Journey” never to be forgotten!

My love & thanks,