This morning, an El Greco sky over the Fox River casts a dramatic light in the room in dark contrast to the shining bright glow of last night’s wedding nuptials of Chicago actor and good friend, Mark Kaplan, and his partner of twenty years. Twenty years, dear reader! Love has a powerfully beautiful way to bring us together. Eventful in so many ways, this feeling of community, family and friendship holds me; I realize how much I needed to be with colleagues and friends and how far back so many of us go together. We have a long shared history of becoming who we are now. My heart burst several times holding, hugging. The comment of the evening most expressed how wonderful it is to be together, hundreds of us, for such a radiant, happy occasion. The Chicago Theatre Family means so much to so many, and we know how uniquely fortunate we are to have found ourselves here growing in the work we love, working with people we love. And the comments about our Paramount family and how we have, in such a very short time, set a bar, a standard everyone looks to for excellence. New as we are, the miles between Aurora and Chicago have become a connection. Our Paramount Theatre is a welcome member of Chicago Theatre now, and I reflect on what it means to join, to marry, to connect. To be a part of each other’s growth and path to doing things together we could never do alone.

A very busy day ahead, keep a good thought for the problem solving and phone meetings and scheduling and casting and audition calls and pre-production details analyzed and scrutinized and poured over today! The sun’s rising beams an alert sober, harsh and blinding white to move! Get the lead out! And go!

Love and thanks,