Dawn is breaking silent over a peaceful Aurora, the spare traffic sound rhythmic like waves on a quiet beach below…this morning full of anticipation for meetings at the office. In a few hours, the Paramount Staff will gather to check in and catch up. There is so very much going on between Paramount and RiverEdge Park, and I marvel at the colossal achievement that my organization makes to this city. The Broadway Series is no small feat, but dear reader, the size of the crowds at RiverEdge Park are a record breaking business with Lady Antebellum this Thursday night and Boston, Sunday night. I’m in awe of our team. In just about a year, the folks I work with here have taken this brand new beautiful outdoor concert venue and made it host to tens of thousands of music lovers attending live performances of their favorite artists. From Box Office to Security to Food and Drink and the taking care of the artists’ as well as the audiences’ needs just blows my mind. They get it done and got it down to a science! They are an Organization! The responsibility to these performers and their fans is taken to heart around here, and the job gets done learning as they go garnering great authority and know how along the way. This is the same team, the same staff which brings you The Broadway Series and all the live concert appearances at Paramount as well…like none other than Donny & Marie in about three weeks! We are going to have 5 nights (& 2 matinees), from Aug. 27th to the 31st of solid, sold-out houses, ladies and gentlemen! This is Donny & Marie’s full-on Las Vegas production with all the bells and whistles right here in downtown Aurora! And yes, this is a gentle nudge to get your tickets to both venues pronto if you want to be a part of the live action and entertainment!

My part in this morning’s meeting will be to announce that since April we have cast four huge companies of actors (with a couple of exceptions and the children’s roles in TOMMY and LES MISERABLES). The term “job creation” makes me smile thinking of the hundreds of actors we have individually taken through the hiring process. The plans and contracts taking us into the creative process of set, lighting, sound and costume design and the contribution we will make to our Broadway Series patrons and subscribers and to The Chicago Theatre Community at large with our recent inclusion for eligibility in The Joseph Jefferson Awards. The Jeff Awards are a first for this 80 years plus, grand lady of a theater. She has always deserved her own in-house, made in Aurora productions, and now she has them for the first time. She is legit! Broadway Series Season Four rehearsal begins two weeks from today. You will see the unmistakably recognizable actors and dancers and singers in the cast of CATS on our downtown streets I am so proud they are here. And take pride in all the firsts happening as a result of the talent in the offices at Paramount. People are caring and responsible, responsive and creative.

I have a TOMMY meeting this morning as I make my apologies to leave the Staff meeting before it is adjourned. Set Designer, Linda Buchanan and Lighting Designer, Greg Hofmann will gather in my office to consider the complexities of their designs. If you only knew all the attention to detail it takes to make the show look smooth, seamless and magical. Hard work. Daunting at times. Scary, stressful but always worth that extra effort to meet the challenge…that unknown, that “I’ve never done it this way before” or “I’m talking about something I’ve never seen before” or “let’s find out what this means if we do it like that”…this discovery process is a reward in itself. It’s what makes the day-to-day business always seem to be more about exploring and finding possibilities and potential. Potent. Power. To See. To Share.

Love & thanks,