Good morning, Dear Reader!

Outside my window, the Christmas decorations star-topping the streetlights of downtown Aurora,The City of Lights, have got me in the Holiday Spirit!  And with so much to do here on the job…there is our Staff Meeting this morning, then casting decisions being made this afternoon for a few more roles in RENT, later tonight, a first for me, to skype with an actress in Japan auditioning for RENT, and I need to work on preparing for a meeting tomorrow morning with RENT Set Designer, Kevin Depinet, at his Evanston studio.  (Kevin has designed 42ND ST., “Fiddler”, “Music Man” and HAIR too).  The clock is ticking!  42ND ST. rehearsals begin in less than three weeks!  All those dancing feet!  Everyone is so busy either with work or the holidays or both.  I’m finding this blog has become a means to pause and look around, reflect and take a deep breath.  You know during this Thanksgiving weekend, I became a bit overwhelmed with all I have to be grateful for…my friends like family here in Aurora…I got choked up thanking The Rosados for having me in their home.  (God, right at the dinner table.  I really miss my Mom and my family in New Jersey).  We ate and drank and talked and hugged, it was perfect.  Then I sent a text to Tim Rater to wish him a Happy Thanksgiving.  Tim.  I could never thank him enough.  Just yesterday I watched him handle a delicate issue with this natural grace and generosity and warmth.  While I was feeling quite the opposite, Tim was constructive, positive, seeing the good, saying just the right thing to unify everyone involved.  I’m lucky to work with this guy.  Where would I be if he hadn’t decided that Paramount should have its own Broadway Series productions, built right here, made in Aurora?  Thanks, Tim!  (He might hate this and be embarrassed but you and I have this blog now and I had to share this with you).

And yes, I am grateful for the love I found in MISS SAIGON, how I miss everyone and the beautiful work!  My feet don’t touch the ground when I think about it and my heart sinks when I imagine their faces with the distance between us now.  The process and the progress we made together forges a bond we will share for a very long time.

Such a sentimental fool this busy time of year in the midst of all this rushing around!  Be grateful.  Enjoy your memories.  Enjoy now and create new ones!

See ya later,