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Having spent the last ten years in London, I can without a doubt confirm that the production quality and cast performances would easily rival many of the current playing in the West End. – Stewart Boynton, Herrington Inn & Spa

First show yesterday was every bit as great as you promised!  The set, lighting, actors, costumes, orchestra, choreography, all bravissimo! – James Rendel

“Miss Saigon” playing at the Paramount Theatre in downtown Aurora was awesome. The performances, music, and stage were top notch. Mr. Jim Corti, you did it again. Whenever I think that it can’t get better, it does. And to think, we have Broadway musicals in our backyard that rival Broadway in New York. Brandon Wayne Moorhead, who plays the young marine, Chris is stunning. I mean the whole cast was great. Their voices/range are amazing. This play is sure to capture your heart and emotions. You’re not human if you don’t cry at the end. Really a cant’ miss play. Paramount, you rock! – Amaury Rosado, Chef Amaury’s

Saw the preview show yesterday afternoon (season ticket holder). If Porgy and Bess is considered an American opera, then Miss Saigon needs that recognition. As always, show was amazing, loaded with talent. I will be thinking about this show and reviewing my thoughts as I watched for several days if not more. CONGRATULATIONS! – Alice Dornan

Spectacular staging, over the top performances! Bravo! – Annie Milne

I have been to wonderful plays at the Paramount Theatre for many years. My family from Barrington has bought the season tickets for the last two years. They like the Saturday evening performances. I like the opening Wednesday Matinee. Thank you for making the theatre performances a joy to attend. – Arline Hoban

I have seen Miss Saigon twice in Chicago, and once at West High. All were amazing, but this was the most moving for me. Outstanding production…well done! – Carol Gamage

This wasn’t my first Miss Saigon, but it was the best! Amazing voices – Carol Jobe

Outstanding opening! Congrats! – Lynn Horn

It’s hard to improve perfection. The crew is great. – Chris Johnson

Saw it tonight and it was awesome. – Debbie Faulhaber

Loved it – Beverly Smith

Even with a slight “glitch” it was by far, one of the best one’s I’ve seen. Just AWESOME!!! – Debbie Anderson

So proud of the entire cast and village that put this show together! – Estrellita U

The show was great! – Lisa Connel

Great show!! Cast was amazing – Rose Ledermann

Brilliant show! – Kim Carew

Great show! – Sue Dahl

Great show for opening night – hooray – hooray – Donna Sebby

Congrats to cast and crew. What a winning combo, you are. – Chris Johnson

Just saw the show today. Awesome! Everyone did a great job! (just seen the show today, AWSOME !!!!! EVERYONE DID A GREAT JOB !!!!) – Steve Krawczyk

“The feast looks great; the show was even better — we saw the Wednesday afternoon performance. Wow. And, yes, take your hankies.” “We were at the performance — you all didn’t miss a beat.” – Barbara Cooper

Saw this a week ago today. Can’t stop thinking about it! Still 2.5 wks to see this amazing play – Alice Dornan

Well done, loved it. We would love to see it again – Marilyn Robbins Lawless

Absolutely LOVED the set. It was seamless! – Carol Long Jobe 

It was a very moving experience– superb job by the cast, and crew – Corazon Francisco

Wonderful production, So very moving – Marilyn Robbins Lawless

Wow! It doesn’t get any better than this! Congratulations! – Deborah Davis

Loved it! – Mary Martin

Great performance, so touching I cried. Voices, incredible! – Kristy Radcliffe

Amazing! – Amy Rux

Just saw the show last night. Absolutely phenomenal! – Kelly Collins

Fabulous! Heart wrenching – Nancy Defrates-Densch

Jim Corti, you’ve done it again. FANTASTIC show. Loved it – Deborah Davis

If you can go you must – Craig Perratt