Good day, Dear Reader!  Reporting on the MISS SAIGON front, I’m writing you on Monday, as it is what we call the cast’s “daylight day of rest.”  As you may discern from the phrase, the company worked all last week with out a day off including a “10 out of 12”, yes, a 12 hour day, from noon to midnight yesterday, Sunday.  While the cast takes their well earned break, Conductor Shawn Stengel is rehearsing the Paramount Orchestra for its first full 8 hours of playing the incredible and difficult score while all the Paramount shops are loaded with last minute finishes on the set, costumes and props.  Tonight, Monday night, we reconvene from 7 to midnight to finish working “Tech” on the show: the process of moment to moment, scene by scene staging with sets, costumes, wigs, props, lights and sound with the phenomenal Paramount Stage Crew.  On Tuesday, as you are reading this, the production goes into its second “10 out of 12” in which the cast rehearses with the orchestra for the first time and end the day to perform a final dress rehearsal, which most likely is the only dress rehearsal, before Wednesday’s first preview at the 1:30 matinee, its first public performance.  What buoys me under all this pressure is the fidelity and talent within this special production and the contribution everyone is making to its promise and realization.  Expectations are being surpassed.  Challenges are manifesting opportunities.  Every face I look to nods encouragement, smiling eyes assuring, confident and excited.  Everyone is loving what they’re doing!

Apologies for the brevity today but the rehearsal hours are dwindling and there is so much to do.

Keep a good thought as we are about to open MISS SAIGON officially to the press, Saturday night, Nov. 2nd.  I do hope I will see you at the theater before closing, Nov. 24th!

My love & thanks,