Ladies and gentlemen! Paramount Theatre Central Casting here!  Thrilled with the return on offers being made but ya know… ya win some, ya lose some.  If only I didn’t feel so attached to every one of the actors we offer to, it wouldn’t be so bad!  I get so invested in the choices we make ya would think by now after all these years of directing I would get used to it, have a thicker skin, be a bit more detached, so to speak.  But as I love the highs of this business, I have to embrace the lows, the “no’s.”  As my Mom says: ”Ya have to take the good with the bad.”  Well, it’s all good.  There is great purpose in how it all pans out.  This much I have learned.  Each cast that is brought together, is meant to be together.  If an actor cannot accept, the opportunity opens for another and…it’s all for the best!  Time after time I see it and I love it!

Last week, we took a meeting to see the model of the set for Miss Saigon, a stunning contemporary environment of red bamboo sculptured levels in a black surround drawn from the research of Designer, Linda Buchanan (Annie).  Combined with the exceptional singing, dancing, and acting talents of the cast, you will attend a rich and fresh insight into the play and it’s score against a photographic backdrop of its historical, non’ fiction source in a projection design by Mike Tutaj who provided the backdrops for HAIR, Annie, and Fiddler on the Roof.  It will be a hybrid design of contemporary tragic opera and docu-drama.

The casting for In the Heights and 42nd Street is still finishing up, and Rent has had an exciting and promising Round One!  I love my job!

I want to wish you, Dear Reader, a splendid and restful and yes, even reflective Independence Day Holiday!  Cherish family and freedom and all the blessings we share in our community and in our country!

See ya later!