Have to make it short today!  Our Tevye, Peter Kevoian, has been out sick (a severe cough and cold).  His understudy, David Girolmo, our Lazar Wolf, stepped up into the starring role during Tech Rehearsal last week!  And David is doing great!  Ah, The Theatre!  How fragile it is!  Disappointment mixed with anticipation and everyone’s new energy to meet the challenge!  Matt Jones, from The Music Man Quartet, came in yesterday to start learning the role of Lazar Wolf while David continues to build his terrific work on Tevye.  So exciting to see them both create these great performances!  And we open Wednesday!  The Production Team rallies ’round the adjustment to priorities and rescheduling.  Everyone’s heart is in this.  Keep a good thought as we wish Peter a quick return and push forward to bring you our very best!

-Jim Corti