Hi, everyone!

Here we are at the beginning of Fiddler Rehearsals tomorrow and I thought I’d share with you some of the excitement before I bust!  Spent a four hour meeting this morning with Lighting Designer, Jesse Klug, over breakfast at River’s Edge Café and I’m elated with what we’ve come up with for the show.  Out of the bleak Anatevka landscape will flourish gorgeous color and light.  (Jesse designed the lights for JOSEPH,  HAIR, ANNIE and THE MUSIC MAN).  Kevin Depinet designed JOSEPH, HAIR, & THE MUSIC MAN and has created for FIDDLER an edge of the world environment of rare natural and theatrical beauty.  This design team delivers what is, I promise you, a production of this musical masterpiece you have to see to believe!  I’m feeling like a proud papa anticipating the cast gathering together for the first time tomorrow morning.  To have all that talent in one room is going to be an event each of us there will remember for a long time.  We’ll begin with music rehearsal.  I always love watching the actors’ initial reaction to hearing each other sing their parts.  I’m putting together for them an experience they will grow from, surrounding them with the most excellent company I can find.  The final result depends heavily upon this new family we are becoming, respecting, admiring, and learning from each other.  I’m confident this much will happen!

– Jim Corti