Back in October, we auctioned off a special walk-on role for a performance of ANNIE. The winning bid was in the amount of $2,500 by Paul Feith of Aurora. Thanks to Paul’s generosity, we were able to put that donation towards programs such as Dreams Do Come True which helps underprivileged children see shows for free at the Paramount. Paul bid on this walk-on role for his daughter, Melanie, as a surprise. What an exciting gift for an 8th grader! Below is a note we received from Paul. Sounds like Melanie had a wonderful experience being part of such a heartwarming and successful show. Thank you, Melanie and Paul!

“I can’t tell you how much this Annie walk-on experience has meant to Melanie, and us as well.  First of all, this was a brilliant idea – to give someone this experience that they might not otherwise have.  Add to that, Annie, which was one of our favorite shows of the series.  Melanie certainly felt like a VIP, and Rachel was amazing with her.  She was on such a high, that it took her a while to come down.  Oh, and the curtain call – oh my gosh!  You guys had Melanie front and center and we couldn’t believe our eyes.   I can’t thank you enough for all you, Jamie, Theresa, Audra, Rachel, Rose and others have done to make this one of the most memorable experiences ever in the Feith family.  Thank you.”  

– Paul Feith, Melanie’s Dad

Pictured: Caroline Heffernan (Annie), Melanie Feith (Walk-On Role), Gene Weygandt (Oliver Warbucks) and Mikey the dog (Sandy)