We had a special moment with WGN’s Mike Toomey as he visited us the other day.  As he was driving down the street,  Mike’s Nissan hit 200,000 miles. In true Mike Toomey fashion, he stopped his car in the middle of the street and asked Paramount staff member Jim Jarvis to video the mileage. Check out the video above.

Mike’s stand-up comedy odometer is also racking up miles. He has over 4,500 performances over his 30-year career. Maybe he’ll come back to the Paramount for his 200,000th performance.   Be on the look out for our new series titled Dressing Room Diaries.  Our first guest was Mike Toomey who did a laid back Q&A session in Star Dressing Room 1.   A really cool insight.

Mike  will perform as part of the Chicago Comedy Tour with his WGN friends Ana Belaval and Pat Tomasulo at the Copley Theatre on November 17. Some tickets are still left.