Dressing Room Diaries is a new series that gives an inside look at performers visiting the Paramount, as well as our own artists from the Broadway Series. We shoot it with a flip camera.  We don’t edit anything.  What we get on camera is what you get to see.

Our first guest was WGN TV’s Mike Toomey. Mike has been doing stand-up comedy for over 30 years, is on the WGN Morning News show and performs with the Chicago Comedy Tour with his other WGN friends Ana Belaval and Pat Tomasulo on November 17.  It’s a cool insight into Mike’s life.  We talked about his debut stand up, his biggest bomb on stage, life on the road and more. The interview is 27 minutes long, but watch it at your leisure, it’s cool.  A big thank you to Mike Toomey for coming in and doing this with us.  Check out Mike, Ana and Pat here at our intimate Copley Theatre on November 17.