Tuesdays with Corti: Sets, Choreography & More

It’s Tuesday morning already! Really short and sweet: Paramount Theatre, our palace on the Fox River, will soon be home to the tribe of CATS in a newly imagined physical ... Read More

Tuesdays with Corti: Reflecting Back

Missed the dawn this morning, jumped out of bed, shouted “It’s Tuesday!” running to the coffee maker. You, Dear Reader, must be used to the speed I write this blog; ... Read More

Tuesdays with Corti: TOMMY

With the dawn comes the rain as clean, refreshing air breezes gently through the half open window. “Crouching Shorty” fits perfectly there while I’m concentrating on TOMMY for tomorrow’s meeting ... Read More

Tuesdays with Corti: Star-Studded CATS

Rough night last night! Torrential rains and pounding winds slammed through town and took out the lights! The power’s back, (reset the blinking clocks), all is calm this morning. Except ... Read More

Tuesdays with Corti: CATS Cast

Well, good morning, everyone! There is a lot going on per usual full of highs and lows, good and bad. But there really isn’t anything bad. Problems, obstacles, all the road ... Read More

Tuesdays with Corti: Sound Design

Just thinking how the news about Broadway’s Tony Awards dropping the prize for Sound Design is so troubling. My goodness, it renews in me so much appreciation for the fine ... Read More

Tuesdays with Corti: Les Miz Auditions

“At the end of the day” yesterday, I realized it is time to sit back and let things settle a bit. The force of talent and the particular strength of ... Read More

Tuesdays with Corti: Non-Equity Jeff Awards

Have to make it short and sweet today and regrettably late as life had a way of demanding my attention overnight to things I could never have expected. The good ... Read More

Tuesdays with Corti: The 9 1/2 Hour Day

Sunday’s round of Les Miz auditions began at 9:00AM for this director; and at 6:30PM, an hour and a half behind schedule, as artistic director, I joined TeamCATS Call Backs ... Read More