Tuesdays with Corti: New Works Submission

Finishing up a meeting where I read a new work submission with Amber, Trent and Intern Emily, the reading, accompanied by a recording of the score, disappointed on its expectation. ... Read More

Tuesdays with Corti: Meeting Challenges

Looking into the light rather than into the abyss is the way challenges are met in life, in the theatre and in a life in the theatre. That is, if ... Read More

Tuesdays with Corti: I Wonder

It’s after 7 p.m., and I’m just returning home to my digs on The Fox. A long day of auditions yesterday and today for Paramount’s Sweeney Todd. Gazing out over ... Read More

Tuesdays with Corti: Grateful to be Grateful

For the first time since beginning these entries three years ago, I missed you last Tuesday, dear reader. Life has a way of slowing a guy down, ready or not, ... Read More

Tuesdays with Corti: Jesus Christ “Superstars”

Good morning! I’m really getting a handle on this commute to downtown Chicago’s Equity Office! Piece of cake!  Short and sweet: we had an extraordinary day yesterday here with Paramount’s Jesus Christ Superstar ... Read More

RiverEdge Park 2016 Summer Concert Series

It’s going to be one hot summer at our outdoor concert venue, RiverEdge Park. Tickets are on sale now to all shows in RiverEdge Park’s 2016 summer season. We’ll see ... Read More

Tuesdays with Corti: Sweeney Todd Auditions

Quick update, folks! Sweeney Todd auditions are in full swing. Yesterday at capacity, scores of actors were turned away, and we’re back today at AEA’s downtown space attending a second ... Read More

Tuesdays with Corti: Auditions Continue

The AEA audition room is a sauna. Red-faced and sweaty, the young men filling the small room, athletically bouncing off the walls; nothing dampening their enthusiasm! The Little Mermaid Director/Choreographer, ... Read More

Tuesdays with Corti: Mamma Mia! Auditions

I’m sitting behind the Mamma Mia! audition table at the Equity Office in downtown Chicago. Choreographer William Carlos Angulo is on another job and has Aubrey Adams and Alejandro Fonseca here ... Read More