PARAMOUNT THEATRE ART GALLERY PRESENTS: “A-MEN: SUPER HEROES OF THE ARTS IN A-TOWN” First Friday Reception December 5, 2014 6:00-9:00 p.m. Paramount Theatre Grand Gallery The Paramount Theatre is pleased to announce the ... Read More

Tuesdays with Corti: Homegrown

Rising with the sun is a great way to start the day especially four stories up over the natural beauty of The Fox River. There is an imposing, abandoned-looking, temple-like ... Read More

Buyer Beware

DO NOT OVERPAY FOR TICKETS With the Holidays coming up, there are multiple NON-Paramount websites selling tickets to MARY POPPINS, as well as other Paramount shows. These organizations have ads on ... Read More

Tuesdays with Corti: Remembering Bernie

Yesterday began with an email to Rachel Rockwell. By dawn, Rachel is on the phone and we talk about the challenges before us in MARY POPPINS, the largest physical production ... Read More

Win One of the Coolest Experiences Ever – A Walk-on Role in Mary Poppins

Highest Bid: $1,500 This is it, the experience that you or a really, really loved one will remember FOREVER! The winner of our Auction will get the star treatment at one ... Read More

Tuesdays with Corti: A Fast, Proud, Grateful Heart

Today is the first full day of rehearsal for Paramount’s production of MARY POPPINS! Another All-Chicago, All-Star cast having their official full company Meet & Greet in our rehearsal hall ... Read More

Tuesdays with Corti: Announcing the TOMMY Company

Good morning! Here’s the scoop! Announcing the cast for Paramount Theatre’s third production of our Broadway Series/Season Four: The Who’s TOMMY! Arguably the first and best rock opera ever, the ... Read More

Tuesdays with Corti: The Chicago Theatre Family

This morning, an El Greco sky over the Fox River casts a dramatic light in the room in dark contrast to the shining bright glow of last night’s wedding nuptials ... Read More

Tuesdays with Corti: A Day Late

Greetings, dear reader, and apologies! I’m a day late writing to you! From my hotel room in New York City’s Theatre District! I returned to my home back east to ... Read More