Sunday’s celebration of International Women’s Day brings me to express my daily and deep appreciation for Paramount’s women making things work here every day, all day long! Wanting to see all their names gathered and get the effect of their contribution to our organization, join me in praising and thanking them! The extent to which these women influence and conduct our operation is inestimable and something you have to learn about and see in one place. Here we go!

Rose Quealy – Vice President of Productions
Amber Mak – New Works Development Director
Patty Stefanski – Assistant to the President and CEO (Tim Rater)
Michele Bergeron – Development Manager
Kelsey Hazzard – Development Coordinator
Shannon Cameron – Director of Education & Community Engagement
Jessica M. Duplessis – Education Manager
Andrea Pikscher – Education & Community Engagement Coordinator
Whitney Willard – Education Associate
Lynn Koske – Education Associate
Maddie Weber – Education Associate
Jamie Gronwick – Marketing Director
Melissa Striedl – Group Sales Manager
Patti Wilk – Marketing Advertising Manager
Rachel Holderman – Social Media Manager
Erika Miller – Vice President of Finance & Human Resources
Margie Isaacson – Human Resources & Risk Management Manager
Janette Bauer – Accounting Manager
Vanessa Hatcher – Office Manager
Jennifer Hahn – Special Events Director
Briana Jackson – Event Coordinator
Breanne Dunfee – Event Coordinator
Sam Gaul – Event Coordinator
Kaylee Billman-Galuhn – Company Manager
Ellen Dillenburg – Assistant Company Manager
Yesenia Esparza – Associate Production Manager
Krystal Dawson (they/them/theirs) – Production Associate
Kelly Steimel – Assistant Technical Director
Christina Leinicke – Costume Shop & Design Associate
Katie Cordtz – Wig, Hair & Makeup Manager
Jesse Gaffney – Properties Manager
Taylor H. Entwistle – Scenic Charge Artist
Anne Hauge – Costume Shop First Hand
Danielle Soldat – Draper
Emily Kinasz, Jillian Luce, Samantha Peroutka, Rachel Rathe, Susie Rodeiguez, Dianne Sizemore – Stage Crew
Kathy Lorenz – Facilities Operations Administrative Assistant
Marie Watson – Audience Services Senior Manager
Marlynda Powlishta – Assistant Audience Services Manager
Jordin Richards – Assistant Audience Services Manager
Maureen Morrison – Front of House Operations Director
Jenna Gagliano – Front of House Manager
Stephanie Pecharich – Assistant Front of House Manager
Melinda Ray – Merchandise Coordinator
Jane Glor – Valet Systems

And dear reader, this isn’t anywhere near all of them! There are even more women enlisted on crews and as associates dedicated to leading and supporting Paramount, RiverEdge Park and Copley Theatre. Seeing this it’s obvious why we are growing and improving in service to the arts and our community!

With much appreciation to all the women of Paramount!

Love & thanks,