Category: Acting

Musical Theater Institute Year 1


September 7, 2020 – December 14, 2020


5:00-7:00 pm

Grades 9-12
Class Size


Paramount School of the Arts

20 South Stolp Avenue, Aurora, IL, USA

Paramount School of the Arts

20 South Stolp Avenue, Aurora, IL, USA

During the two-hour weekly class students will further their acting study with Fundamentals of Acting. Students will also get their first exposure to learning the technical aspects of Voice and Speech/ This course is an examination of the principles and practice of freeing the natural voice. It proceeds from the notion that “voice” and “acting” are inseparable. Although it is an introduction to the use of voice in the theater, it is in no way limited to the actor. A specific progression of exercises will be presented to facilitate freeing the body of tensions, discovering the natural breath, releasing vibrations of sound from the body, and opening the channel for sound (throat, jaw, tongue). Resonance, vocal freedom, and articulation will also be explored. Techniques for accessing emotional and psychological truth will be practiced as fundamental to the actor’s creative process. A groundwork will be laid for physical and vocal presence. This is a year-long course and will auto enroll in the spring.

The first 7 weeks of this course will occur online. If safe to do so, on week 8 we will move back into the school. If not, the class will continue online for the remainder of the course.


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