Hi all!

Had a terrific day yesterday with the students of Metea Valley High School. They were in their first day of Tech for the students’ production of Newsies, and I was invited by their teacher Nathan Bramstedt, to come by, have a look, and see if I might find something to say to them about the work they’re doing. As I entered the beautiful auditorium, the big opening number “Carrying the Banner” was in full swing and my jaw dropped at the look and sound of them! Up on that stage was a full blown rally of young people singing and dancing about the lives of these newsboys and newsgirls of 120 years ago! The young choreographer, (who’s name I can’t remember but I met and congratulated) has done an incredible job precision-moving mobs of kids across the wide proscenium and struck a chord with me. (Flashback: I started out as a choreographer for the musicals at Good Counsel High School while an undergrad at Loyola U.) How things change and how they stay the same! The commitment was phenomenal just as it was back then! 

I left inspired, upbeat and refreshed with them having no idea of the gift they shared with me.

There was a remarkable collaboration going on with adults supporting the students working on lights, sound, and scenery. With extraordinary energy and methodical calm at the same time tackling the various challenges of the evening’s rehearsal, I left inspired, upbeat and refreshed with them having no idea of the gift they shared with me. Their microcosm of enthusiasm, team work, and altruism I can only wish be reflected more in our world.  

Get this: below his signature at the bottom of Mr. Bramstedt’s emails to me are what appear to be the school’s tenet’s on education and LIFE: 

Live with Integrity
Inspire Passion for Learning
Foster Positive Relationships
Expect Equity and Excellence for All 

Bravo, Metea Valley HS!

And “break a leg!”

Love & thanks,