The Fourth of July is Thursday! Happy Independence Day! Your Paramount Family wishes you a fun and safe holiday of celebrating all the goodness in your life! With family and friends, we have much to cherish. Getting together with loved ones, in some cases, our chosen family, can make all the difference when ya just can’t catch a break otherwise from life’s frustrations. I have found myself mentally riffing on the word, recreation. Because it’s important! I think of how most of us are not creative artists. Daily bread is earned working a daily grind. Not many can say they are passionate about what they do for a living. And even there, passion implies suffering for your art. Yet, the act of creation is just about one of the most fulfilling assets to our human being. Being human. There is an art to everything and anything; each of us is an artist in some way simply because of our humanity. But for most of us, our everyday jobs and occupations are about being told what to do and when to do it. Following orders. Not to create. That’s why you must recreate!

Definition of recreation:

  • “refreshment of strength and spirits after work”
  • “spiritual refreshment, amusement, new birth”
  • “act of restoring, to make new, restore, revive”

Recreation can be your personal declaration of independence! And what is a more rewarding form of recreation than going to the theater! Participation in attending a show revives, restores and indeed strengthens your spirit. I see it happening to audiences all the time. It’s that unmistakable synergy between you and the stage. You leave renewed, stirred by the best part of you being you!

Recreation can be your personal declaration of independence! And what is a more rewarding form of recreation than going to the THEATER!

So while you’re grillin’ and chillin’ this 4th of July holiday, think about those around you and continue to create recreation with them or simply on your own. Check out Paramount’s next season beginning this fall. Subscribe and see all four shows. Go to and look around. With one click on BROADWAY SERIESyou will be amazed at the affordability of Season 9’s offerings: NewsiesBeauty and the BeastThe Secret of My Success and Kinky BootsI just did the math and you can see each show for as little as 18 bucks a pop. How do we do it? President and CEO Tim Rater cares. He wants you here. This theater is for everyone. As for the quality, it is record-breaking, multi-award winning and supported by the City of Aurora and the second largest subscription base in the Unites States of America. Over 41,000 subscribers can’t be wrong! Hope to see you in September!

And again, have a safe and Happy Independence Day!

Love and thanks,