Written by Director Ron Kellum

This is an incredible opportunity to unite the retelling of one of the greatest stories ever told with an iconic piece of musical theatre, through the voices and lens of my community. “Why an All-Black Superstar?” “Why not.” I’m a true believer in the power of theatre. There are worlds that I’ve been able to explore as an actor, choreographer, director, and producer that have allowed me to view the world in which we live with more empathy, more respect, and more love than I, at once, ever thought possible. I was the young man of color sitting in theaters wondering if there was a space for me in this art form, and I now I see that our responsibility as storytellers is to find opportunities to represent truth in ways that translate to every audience member, regardless of color, creed, orientation, or status. I want this production to be a disruption to the status quo and a reevaluation of what can and should be done in the theatre.

What would Jesus say if he came back today? I hope he would say,

“Keep telling my story. Keep telling it in many different ways, but always come back to the truth of my story: the message of love and inclusion.”

I am beyond excited by the opportunity to share this work with you all. This will be a soul stirring experience! Thank you for inviting me into your artistic community.

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