Saturday, August 17, 2024
8:00 pm

$30 Through May 31, 2024
$40 Starting June 1, 2024

Don’t miss 40 years of soul-lifting celebration of humanity, life and love.

All General Admission. No seating provided. Bag chairs allowed, except in standing room only pit in front of stage. Learn More

Gates open at 6 PM

It started in 1984 in Honolulu, Hawaii with a couple of self-recorded cassettes and a dream. Forty years, thousands of shows, ten-of-thousands of fans and millions of memories later, Poi Dog Pondering continues to evolve, entertain and stir souls.Now these one-time street buskers return to their home-away-from-home at RiverEdge Park to kick off their 40th Anniversary Celebration of life, love & music. To say this will be an unforgettable and monumental evening may be the understatement of the year.

Be there as Frank and the entire Poi Family explore their four-decades of music in a live performance that will have you on your feet all-night and have you smiling for weeks after.

This show will sell out, so do not delay.

But Wait…There’s More…

To honor this four-decade adventure, Poi has lined up a series of special releases leading up to the RiverEdge celebration concert:

5 albums & 2 books:

  1. Sweeping up the Cutting Room Floor, Vol 2” – Just released this week. (a double album of unreleased material). (available here:
  2. Four on the Floor” – Just released this week. (a dance party album of PDP dance floor remixes). (available here:
  3. The Best of the Hawai’i Years” – Just release today! (an album curated of songs from the 1st five cassette PDP albums).
  4. “The best of the Chicago Years” (a curation of Chicago recorded PDP Classics). (to be released with the 2nd wave of RiverEdge ticket promotion)
  5. A yet to be titled, mini album, (currently being recorded especially for the RiverEdge Poi Dog Pondering concert) (to be released 1 week before the RiverEdge concert, in anticipation of…)
  6. “Poi Dog Pondering” (a photo/journal book on the history and travel adventures of the band) (to be released 1 month before the RiverEdge concert, in anticipation of…)
  7. and lastly, Frank Orrall’s debut Cookbook; “Chef Franc: Cooking with the Dandy” (to be released 1 month before the RiverEdge concert, in anticipation of…)

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