Saturday, August 26, 2023
8:00 pm

A soul-lifting celebration of  humanity, life and love.

All General Admission. No seating provided. Bag chairs allowed, except in standing room only pit in front of stage. Learn More

Gates open at 6 PM

Three decades on, 15 band members deep…

Poi Dog Pondering is not your typical band. They’ve been defying categorization for over 30 years with their genre-bending sound that blends rock, folk, jazz, and world music into a unique sonic tapestry. Led by the charismatic Frank Orrall, Poi Dog Pondering has created an indelible legacy of critically acclaimed albums, sold-out tours, and unforgettable live performances. Their music is a celebration of life, love, and human connection that transcends boundaries and brings people together. With their infectious rhythms, soaring melodies, and heartfelt lyrics, Poi Dog Pondering is a band that must be experienced to be believed. Join the party and immerse yourself in the magic of Poi Dog Pondering today!

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