July 3
6:00 pm

Bring out the family for a free fireworks show from the City of Aurora!

Fireworks are back in Aurora and RiverEdge Park is the perfect place to view them. Bring the family and enjoy a live DJ, dancing and a fireworks show all along the gorgeous Fox River. It’s time to get out of the house and into the Park.

6 Pm – gates open

6-9 PM – LIVE DJ

9:15 pm – Fireworks

NOTE: There will be a brief presentation on the stage from City officials during the evening.

Entrance Gates

  • Gates 2 & 4 only
  • Gate 1 will be closed
  • Bridge will be wide open for people to stand and watch the fireworks

Red Balloon

The City will fly a large Red Balloon from Veterans Island, where the fireworks will be shot off. This will be North of RiverEdge Park. When selecting a place to sit for the fireworks, make sure you can see the Red Balloon – if you can see the Balloon, you can see the fireworks.

RiverEdge Food & Drink

  • No food trucks/vendors
  • No bars open
  • Bring your own food & drinks – NO ALCOHOL in the Park

Food Trucks Available

  • Food trucks will be at Wilder Park on the other side of the river from 5-9 p.m.
  • Patrons may bring food from the trucks into RiverEdge


  • Will be closed

Patron Parking

  • Free Parking is available at the ATC/Train Station Parking Lot located across 25 from RiverEdge Park
  • Free Parking will be available in the Lot W/309 North River on the other side of the bridge

Patrons ADA Parking

  • ADA Parking is available at the ATC/Train Station Parking Lot
  • RiverEdge Park will not be running ADA Shuttle Golf Carts or using CSO for ADA Parking or Drop Off for July 4


  • The Men’s and Women’s Restrooms in Earth Deck will be open for this event


  • The City is running shuttle buses from various locations around Aurora to the viewing sites.
  • Note: The shuttles will stop running at 9 p.m. and will resume immediately following the fireworks to return people to their parking lots.

Please go to the City’s Fireworks page for complete details.


From an early age, DJ Suave Smooth has played events big, and small all over the Chicagoland area. He started DJ’n in middle school, where he joined the radio club. There he learned how to use a basic mixer, and studio equipment. After tons of practice, this led him to DJ his school dances. Eventually, he started DJ’n private parties, and skating rinks.  He went on to graduate high school, and attended Illinois Center for Broadcasting in Lombard, Illinois. This is where he perfected his mic skills, and created many popular radio shows. During this time he started DJ’n clubs, and bars all over the Chicagoland area. Fast forward to today, where DJ Suave Smooth has built a strong following, and has been a major influence in the local entertainment scene.  He is known for his smooth blends, transitions, and mic work. It’s very common for him to get the crowd to sing along or interact with the music. His passion is bringing people together through music, and fun events. He is experienced in all genres of music and can accommodate his dj sets to any client requests.



Alcohol, fireworks of any kind including sparklers, glass of any kind, grills, fire burning candles, flags, boom boxes, in-line skates, skate shoes, scooters, roller skates, skateboards, laser pointers, pocketknives and weapons of any kind, including toy weapons such as toy guns or knives. Conceal and carry is not permitted at RiverEdge Park.

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