Theatre Artists Craft Fair

calling all crafts lovers

You may not know their faces, but you definitely know their work. They’re the artists that create the costumes, props, sets and more that help bring the magic to the Paramount Broadway productions. Now they’re hosting a Craft Fair that features the same dedication, innovation and creativity in home goods, fine art, jewelry and seasonal gifts as you’ll find on the stage.

There’s no better way to help support these artists during these trying times than to share the gift of their labors during the holidays. This Craft Fair is completely organized and run by these talented individuals, and 100% of the revenue goes to each artist.

The Craft Fair closes on Sunday, December 13 at 7 p.m.



Jonathan Berg-Einhorn – Props Artisan

Jonathan started working at the Paramount four seasons ago on The Little Mermaid. As a prop artisan he is in charge of helping make and build the props for each of the shows. Some of his favorite props he helped construct were the giant utensils for Beauty and the Beast and the newspapers for Newsies.

Jesse Gaffney – Props Manager

Jesse has been the Props Manager at the Paramount for two full seasons. With the help of the props staff she finds, builds, crafts and buys all the furniture and hand props in the Paramount Broadway productions. Some of her favorite props include the witch’s crystal ball from The Wizard Of Oz, the rose from Beauty and the Beast, and the printing press from Newsies.

Theresa Ham – Costume Designer (Beauty and the Beast, The Wizard of Oz, Oklahoma)

Theresa Ham is a Chicago based freelance costume designer. She has designed costumes for 18 productions at the Paramount, 5 of which were Jeff nominated, including Beauty and the Beast, the winner of the 2020 Joseph Jefferson Award for Outstanding Costume Design.

Aimee Plant – Lead Props Artisan

Aimee Plant is a Props Artisan from the Aurora/Montgomery area and has been with Paramount since the Fall of 2018. Some of her favorite projects include oversized flowers for The Wizard of Oz, Funny Boy Playbills for The Producers and The Children’s Crusade paper from Newsies.  She started her greeting card and papercraft business, Prop Tart Studios, in early 2018.

Jake Puralewski – Scene Shop Carpenter

Jacob Puralewski is a native Chicagoan creator who most recently was working for Paramount Theatre in Aurora as its welder. In his free time, he creates functional hardwood works of art of his own design or by commission, under the handle Heavyhandedartistry.

Abigail Reed – Scene Shop Draftsperson

Abigail is an Artist, Designer, and Creative in the Chicagoland Area and the former Broadway Series Draftsperson at the Paramount Theatre. She loves all things arts and craft and offers a wide range of custom works, personalized items and commissions.

D.J. Reed – Costume Crafts Artisan

D.J. Reed is the Costume Craft Supervisor at Paramount.  Costume Crafts is a subsidiary of the costume shop and specializes in creating all of the untraditional pieces worn by an actor. This includes but not limited to millinery, destressing, fabric dying, weapon rigging and making actors into enchanted objects. Thank you for your continued support!

Jordan Ross – Costume Designer (Newsies, The Producers)

Jordan Ross is a costume designer based in Chicago. She has worked in a wide array of venues from opera to dance, water shows to tv commercials, theatre to film. Jordan loved designing The Producers and Newsies and is looking forward to collaborating with all the extraordinary artists at Paramount next season! Happy Holidays!


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