The current seats in the Paramount Theatre are over 80 years and in need of replacement. With your help, we can make the seats bigger and more comfortable. Read below for a list of Frequently Asked Questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, but the final dimensions have yet to be determined.

We are still determining what we will do with majority of the seats.

About 10-20 of the original seats will be kept for historic purposes. Because of the way the seats were installed, they cannot be used on their own and would probably not be too useful to a charity. We are looking in to giving them to a museum.

A one-time donation of $400 or a 10-month commitment of $40 a month will save a seat and get your name engraved on a plaque with other donors.

Yes. The historic end caps on each aisle will be used on the new aisles of seats.

Yes! We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and donations are tax deductible.

No. Reupholstering the seats does not make them larger or more comfortable. Additionally, the spring mechanism on the seats also needs replacing, and the cost to do so is greater than just buying new seats.

A few of the seats may be available for sale, and we will let the public know when we determine how many. A few may also be auctioned off to raise money for the campaign.

No. A donation of $400 replaces one seat in the theatre but not a specific seat.

No. Plaques will not be placed on seats, as they would be too small to read. Your name will be on a more highly-visible plaque in the Grand Gallery where over 350,000 patrons frequent every year.

Before the plaque is finalized, a proof of your engraving will be sent for final approval.

While you will only have your name on a plaque if you donate $400, all donors of $125 or more are included in the Playbill program.

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