Musical Theatre Administrator

Paul-Jordan Jansen serves as the Musical Theatre Administrator for PSA, as well as Associate Artistic Producer for Paramount Theatre. Jordan has been performing on stages across the world for over a decade. Primarily, this includes productions ranging from musical theatre classics, to new works, to world premieres at some of the countries most well renowned Regional Theaters. Favorite credits include: Paramount Theatre’s Beauty and the Beast, The Wizard of Oz, and Sweeney Todd. Sting’s The Last Ship, the World Premiere of The Prince of Egypt at the Tony Award Winning Theatre ThatreWorks Silicon Valley, and the US Premiere of The Count of Monte Cristo.

Aside from his career performing, Jordan has spent equal time becoming an educator. When he was 19, Jordan developed a program in North East, Ohio that focused on preparing students for their collegiate theatre auditions. Since then, he has worked at various different universities on Song Analysis while continuing to prepare students for their journey to the collegiate and professional world of theatre. Jordan believes in helping young artists feel a sense of belonging so that they may be confident in embracing their true ability to become a cultivator of change in this industry.

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